4 Myths Your Human Resources Department Wants To Dispel

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Apr 16, 2019



One of the most important parts of any organization is the human resources department and no organization can function smoothly without it. Starting from recruiting the right candidates to taking care of all the issues of employees and management, the HR department works as the glue, binding an organization together. However, there are a number of human resources department myths that are prevalent. Though they might be false, these myths certainly impact on the functioning of the department and can be discouraging too. Let’s debunk a few of these myths:

• Enforcer Myth- One of the most prevalent human resource department myths is that they tend to spy on all employees and thereby behaves as the watchdog for the organization. Though, the department does play a role in enforcing the rules laid out by organizations heads; but they do not wish to spy on the other employees. Their main motive is to motivate employees and provide them with all the infrastructure and processes that employees might need. The HR department strives to ensure the success of employees and in turn the success of their organization.

• One way street myth- The HR is often blamed for being the mouthpiece for managers and other top-level officials of the organization. They are also blamed for imposing their terms on the employees which certainly is not the case. The human resources department looks to establish a channel of communication between the managers and the employees and ensure proper communication of policies. The department also works as a bridge to communicate the needs of employees to the managers and other top-level officials of the organization, thereby avoiding conflict and reducing any sort of negativity at the workplace.

• The confidant myth- Employees can often treat the HR department as confidants. This can be really tricky for people in the HR department since they are obliged to share any information connected to the organization. This is particularly relevant if the information can impact the organization negatively.

• They can “Fire you for any reason” Myth- One of the most interesting human resources department myths is that they can fire any employee for any reason which is certainly not true. There is a proper procedure that needs to be followed before any such action can be taken against any employee.


There you have it! Now we know some of the most common human resource department myths. The truth is the human resources department works hard to ensure the smooth functioning of their organization and for bringing the best out of their employees and should be appreciated.

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