9 Fabulous ways to Re-engage disengaged employees!

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jun 23, 2017

Having engaged & interested employees in an office don’t only bring positivity in the office but also helps a company to grow. It is a dream of every entrepreneur to have a dedicated & engaged team in the office.

The U.S study of Gallup for the year 2015 has shown that majority i.e. 50.8% were “not engaged” while another 17.2% were “actively disengaged”. These stats are really disturbing & we are sure that nobody wants to have disengaged employees.

Disengaged employees don’t mean that particular employee is not talented or not deserving, it is just that the employee is not interested in the assigned task. One of the important things to do is to identify the interests of the employee & assign the task accordingly. This may keep them engaged.

Let us take a look at the ways in which the employees can be engaged at the workplace:

  1. Discuss the project
    Discussing the project details with the team members can make them interested in the work and hence will keep them engaged.
  2. Strategize the work-plan Together
    Strategizing the work-plan together can make the employees more excited to execute the work plan & see the results.
  3. Flexible work hours
    Set the 1 hour time window for the employees to come to the office and also if possible allow the employees to work from home. This may make them more interested in staying connected with the company and work for it.
  4. Appreciate the mistakes
    Don’t criticize the mistakes done by the employees rather appreciate their way to complete the task. Correct them and show them the right way to work.
  5. Encourage them
    Encourage the employees to come up with new ideas to solve problems so that they feel connected to the company and start working whole-heartedly.
  6. Regular Feedback
    Give regular feedback to the employees to make them feel encouraged and being monitored.
  7. Share the news

Share the news whether good or bad with the employees. Sharing good news may encourage them and make them feel good about their work and sharing bad news may make them work harder, engaging them.

  1. Regular meetings
    Regular meetings of employees with the seniors regarding the report of the work done is very important to give them a reminder that they are being watched by the seniors as parents monitor the children.
  2. Know their interests
    Knowing the domain in which the employee wants to work makes them participate actively in the tasks. This may help the employee to happily remain engaged in the work.

Start practicing the above-mentioned ways in your company and see the positive response of all your disengaged employees.

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