Effective on-spot recognition

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jun 15, 2017

"Recognition is the greatest motivator." --Gerald C. Eakerdale

Recognition and appreciation are the biggest forms of motivation. These two things should be expressed as frequently as possible in every organization as well as in day to day life. Instant recognition of the noteworthy achievements of the employee keeps them inspired to work harder and give their best. This further reinforce

s the behaviors and values that are important in a company.

Recognizing your employees for any individual, corporate or team achievements on the same day is really motivating and engaging for them. Studies have shown that appreciating employees (not only millennials but also all generation) on their achievements instantly has always made them feel valuable, connected to the company and satisfied. Implementation of recognition has always proved beneficial for the companies.

Every organization would want its employees to be happy, satisfied & always ready to go that extra mile to achieve a goal or milestone. To achieve this, “on-the-Spot Recognition” of your worthy employees is the solution.

Ways for a Successful On-the-Spot Recognition

On-the-Spot Recognition is a cost effective method to improve employee morale and increase productivity. Let’s take a look at the ways to make it more effective:

  • Same Day Recognition
    Offer immediate recognition of the achievement. This makes the employee feel valuable & connected to the company.
  • Be Consistent
    Employees should be recognized regularly as it creates excitement among the team always.
  • No Partiality
    Employee recognition should be done without any partiality and not as an assigned task. It has to be instant and for every employee who achieves the set goal.
  • Recognize Good Behavior
    Recognize good behaviors & kind acts of your employees. This creates a feeling of emotional attachment to the company.

Now, as we know ways to make the recognition an effective one, let us take a quick look at some interesting ways in which it can be done:

  • A post on social media with the recognized employee.
  • Team announcement appreciating his/ her achievement & motivating other team members.
  • A free Lunch with his/her partner.
  • A surprise “Thank You” note tacked to the employee’s board.
  • A surprise lunch with the boss.
  • Surprise the deserving client with chocolates or something he likes.
  • Hide a nice handwritten appreciation card in the desk.
  • Implement the Point system. This may encourage the team members to collect more points and have that extra earning.
  • For those super achievers, gift them experience rewards and help them make memories for the lifetime. This kind of rewards motivates the deserving employee as well as other team members to anticipate in all office activities & work harder.

Voila! Now all the ways & methods are clear for motivating your employees, all you need to do is to just get started with it.

If you are still struggling on how to implement this in your company, don’t worry, just contact us & we will provide you a solution to this.

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