Employee engagement and commitment

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jun 05, 2017

Are your employees achieving the set targets within the time limit? Do they come up with new & interesting ideas to complete the task? Is the office environment happy & optimistic? Are the employees coming to the office daily?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned questions is a “YES”, then congratulations! You are a great boss & are successful in engaging your employees to the work-place. Employee engagement has become a daunting task for many organizations days. Let’s have a look at some points that will help to engage the employees:

  • Keep the office environment optimistic, energetic and politics-free.
  • Inculcate strong ethical and moral values in the office where all the promises and commitments are well understood and fulfilled.
  • Give regular feedbacks and recognize the employees for their achievements.
  • Give opportunities, support and motivate the employees to develop new skills.
  • Develop trust, mutual respect, and fairness in decision-making among the employees.

These are some of the ways by which employee engagement can be achieved. Some of the benefits of employee engagement are:

  • Loyalty
    Engaged employees are loyal and honest with the organization that makes them work for a longer duration with the organization.
  • Innovative ideas
    Engaged employees always come up with new & innovative ideas to complete the tasks or to improve the work strategy. These ideas are really helpful for the organizations.
  • Extra-efforts
    Engaged employees are happily ready to put in extra efforts to achieve a milestone or a set goal. They never disappoint the boss or client.

One of the main benefits of employee engagement is the Employee Commitment. There is loads of confusion between the employee engagement & commitment. Employee commitment is defined as the “adherence of an employee to his/her company and efficiency in completing the assigned tasks within the time limit”. It’s this commitment of the employees that helps an organization or company grow. Now let us take a look at how can we encourage employee commitment in the work-place:

  • A commitment of the employees for their work can be encouraged only when the employees are engaged in their work. Employee commitment is the second step after the completion of employee engagement. So when employees are engaged with their works, this automatically makes them committed too.
    Always remember:

“Employee Engagement is the Director of Employee Commitment”

Some of the characteristics of committed employees are:

  • Willingness to work for the company for a longer period of time
  • Believes and accept all the goals, ethics and values of the company
  • Satisfied and happy employees are the best characteristics of Employee engagement.

Good organizations pay a great amount effort in keeping their employees and engaged. This makes their business grow rapidly. Try to implement the above-mentioned tips in your organization and let the magic begin!

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