Effect of Recognition on the Office Team!

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jul 11, 2017

Having an enthusiastic team in office is a dream of every company whether a small enterprise or a big company. When the employees are happily working, the atmosphere of the company changes and there is motivation and success that flows. You too want to have it in your office & that is the reason you have landed on this page but do you know the secret of achieving it?

It lies in “recognition” of the team members! We all want to get noticed and appreciated on doing some good work. And, same goes for employees in the offices. The employers should understand the importance of recognizing the employees.  A recent study has proved that 88% of employees feel motivated after getting praise from managers & 76% felt praise from peers too is equally motivating. Recognition is priceless, so let’s take a quick look on some of the effects it has on the team:

  • Increased Teamwork among employees
    When a team is recognized and awarded with a token of appreciation on achieving a particular task, the team members feel valued individually and highly motivated to work more dedicatedly to fulfill an upcoming task. Recognition can be done in various different ways; a simple & kind “thank you” works wonder when said timely. So, never miss a chance to appreciate your team’s hard work.
  • Higher employee satisfaction and engagement
    Recognizing an employee or a team positively effects both to a great extent. It increases the sense of emotional attachment to the company which in further brings satisfaction in them. And we all know, when a person is satisfied with his/her work, the output of the work increases tremendously afterward. So, just a little effort in recognizing the stellar employees will lead your company to good heights.
  • Reduced absenteeism and stress
    When an employee feels valued by the company, he/she naturally is motivated to work with the organization. This results in reduced absenteeism, which is a very positive sign for any organization. A reduced absent rate of employees depicts a company as a successful one as the employees will always be more than willing to work dedicatedly for you.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
    A happy employee or team will always keep your customers satisfied. This works as a chain, you keep your employees happy, they’ll keep your customers happy! So, it is very important to appreciate & recognize your employees timely so that they leave no stone unturned to bring success to your company.
  • Positive office environment
    Happy employees keep the office environment happy, bringing in the optimism. And having a happy & cheerful office environment is the dream of every company, so why to wait? You know the key to success now!

After learning about some of the benefits of recognition, you must make a habit of recognizing your team as its lifts their spirits, keeps them motivated and passionate about work, changes office atmosphere and much more. Every person yearns for appreciation, attention, recognition, and acceptance. So, don’t wait and start recognizing your stellar employees.

If you still feel confused on how to do it, let us help you out!

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