21 Best Ways to Improve your Team Productivity

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Feb 06, 2019


A highly productive team is essential for an organization. It is the primary asset for the growth of an organization. Team productivity benefits both the organization as well as its employees. As a leader, there are many challenges that you come across related to the performance and engagement of your employees and eliminating these roadblocks can be quite

Here are a few ways that you would find valuable to increase the productivity of a team:

1. Coordinate and communicate with your team to understand and complete a task.

2. Provide incentives to your team for exceptional performance.

3. Provide feedback at regular intervals to the team and also guide them about the areas of improvement.

4. Provide your team with the freedom to come up with new ideas to grow the business.

5. Do not stress out your team with new projects and challenges. Keep them motivated by distributing the work equally among the team.

6. Be clear about the goals and tasks of the team.

7. Try to keep the team integrated by reducing friction within the team members.

8. 5-minute pre-shift and post-shift hurdles can help in improving the performance of the team.

9. A healthy competition within the team can help in generating a healthy output unless it hampers the team building.

10. Always boost the team’s spirit by praising about their efforts.

11. Make use of employee-engagement in a positive manner.

12. Maintain proper communication with the team.

13. Keep a friendly environment in the workplace.

14. Always keep the doubts and queries of the team members clear.

15. Keep a check on the online activities of the team members and make sure they surf the matter related to their work only.

16. Set targets which can be easily met by all the team members.

17. Plan certain adventurous outings with the teammates to maintain unity and friendship among them.

18. Organize group discussions with the team and take inputs from each of them.

19. Knowing the strengths and weakness of the team members always help in increasing the productivity of the team.

20. Completing the tasks in fragments can help the team members work more efficiently.

21. Giving appropriate breaks to the team can help them remain energetic to deliver the work in time.

Using the above-mentioned ideas, you can increase your team’s productivity to a bit extent and if you are lucky enough; to a great extent as well.

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