5 Amazing Tips to Onboard Millennial in the Company

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Nov 21, 2018

rawpixel-665368-unsplashThe times have changed and the loyalty of a millennial for a company has almost become rare. However, the differentiating factor can be the onboarding process adopted by the organization which is ultimately needed to strengthen the loyalty of Millennial for once and for all.

Like the first impression matters a lot when doing anything, the same is the case with the onboarding process. It is so as it helps in laying down some solid grounds to instill the requisite passion and excitement which is needed for a long-term career by millennial to settle down.

Here are some of the ways which will ensure the loyalty of the millennial and also their longevity with your company:

1. Tactful Timing

There is nothing more interesting than showing the excitement the company holds for the millennial to join the company. This excitement can be shown by a few pre-first day emails or via other means. Such means of communication will show the company’s excitement and also what exactly is expected from the organization when it comes to day to day agenda or other details.

The day and time for the joining of the millennial can be kept towards the end of the weekdays as the excitement is much more during those days which enables the new millennial to find their way around work and get acquainted with the office environment.  

2. Engage Existing Employees with the Millennial

Experience forms a strong foundation for everybody and will also affect the new millennial at the work. Already existing employees can guide the newly recruited millennial by engaging with them and sharing their experience with the companies and how to enjoy the work. Efforts must be made on the part of old employees to make the new employees feel comfortable by sparing some time to connect with the new hired millennial.

3. Customize the Work-place

Newly recruited millennial should be given a chance to customize his or her work-space, devices, and on-work applications if possible. This will help the new hired millennial by instilling in him a feeling of being a part of the team and working as a group. And, will also help the organization in learning more about the new hired millennial group and about their likes and dislikes.

4. Explain Expectations

The new millennial always comes to the organization with some expectations and so does the organization, so the organization needs to explain how it wants them to perform, illustrating the do’s and the don’ts relating to leadership, communication, working hours, vacation etc. thereby helping him to have a basic understanding of the values, culture, and responsibilities etc. in the organization. A proper session can be planned and executed in the office.

5. Accent Advancement

No one wants to work in an organization where there are no chances of career advancements. So, the organization should clear out the options for the millennial at the very beginning by highlighting the required timelines for promotion. Once, the same is provided to the new millennial, it not only ensures the regular growth of the millennial but also helps the organization by boosting the longevity of the millennial.

Onboarding millennial at the present time is quite a difficult time but following some tips and tricks, this task can be made easier.

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