5 Habits Great Bosses Possess

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Sep 18, 2020


We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Great Bosses make for great employees’.’ Don’t be too quick to dismiss it as a cliche though. According to data published by DDI’s Frontline leader Project, 57 percent of employees have quit their jobs because of their manager. A boss can have a huge impact on the day to day employee experience. They are key to boosting employee engagement, motivation and productivity, and reducing attrition. 

But what makes for great bosses? Are there any common habits great bosses might have that set them apart from the crowd? We certainly believe so. Here are a few habits great bosses possess. 

  • They are effective communicators

Great managers are almost always great communicators. Effective communication is essential in a workplace. Managers who are able to effectively communicate what needs to be done and how to employees are able to support their employees well. They are able to provide employees with a roadmap not just for the project at hand, but also for their own personal growth and the company’s growth. 

Equally important is providing feedback to employees, both positive and negative. Great bosses are able to get the message across without employees feeling criticized and dejected. 

  • They don’t tend to micromanage

Delegating tasks are absolutely essential for effective management. Great bosses tend to delegate tasks to their team. They also don’t try to diminish the confidence placed in their employees by micromanaging. With delegation, great bosses are able to efficiently juggle all the many tasks that need to be tackled by a manager. 

  • They actively participate in recognizing and rewarding employees

Great bosses understand that their most important asset are their people. They acknowledge that for employees to be engaged at work, they need to be regularly recognized for their efforts and achievements. Great leaders also believe that rewarding good work can further motivate employees to be more productive and to work harder towards their goals. 

  • They are invested in their employees’ careers

Great leaders don’t just think about their career progression but are equally invested in their employees’ careers too. They actively look out for growth and learning opportunities for their teammates which will help them move ahead. They are typically fiercely protective of their employees and wish that they all achieve greater success in their careers. 

  • They have a positive outlook

Great bosses as well as top employees both have one in common. They typically have a positive outlook. When faced with challenges, great leaders don’t bemoan the conditions, but meet the challenge head on. They try to see a silver lining or opportunity for growth in every such challenge and aren’t easily daunted. 

While these habits are characteristic of great bosses, all of us should strive to imbibe these habits within ourselves too. They will not only help us become great leaders and achieve success in our work lives but will also help us become better people in our personal lives too. 

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