5 HR Trends to watch out for in 2020

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jan 30, 2020


With a highly competitive job market and companies going that extra mile to hire the most talented people, technology will be the most powerful tool with the HR department to recruit and retain the best talent in the year 2020. Every New Year comes with new technological and digital advancements. Here are the top HR trends to watch out for in the year 2020:

    • Improved Efficiency – AI will limit redundant tasks, thus empowering organizations to be more agile, accelerate decision making and improve the candidate experience. 
    • Quicker candidate screening – Screening an enormous pool of candidates requires time and effort. For a solitary contract, candidate shortlisting and screening can take about 23 hours of a recruiter’s time. Simulated intelligence fueled recruitment will help in sifting a high volume of resumes and pre-qualifying candidates based on a set of working responsibilities and abilities. 
    • Quality employing – With unbiased screening and determination of candidates through AI, the nature of contracts will improve and organizations would be building a highly skilled workforce in the new year. Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

      In the year 2020, AI-driven solutions will give a tremendous shift in the way recruitment is done in every industry whether it be banking, finance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, social media marketing, and much more. Simulated intelligence fueled solutions will run in the year ahead with many advantages like:

  1. Data Analytics Transforming HR

    Data analytics will keep on being adopted quickly in the year ahead. Using analytics, data-driven companies will be making more informed decisions to hire employees. 

    It is expected for data analytics to have a vital role in:

    • Helping implement best-recruiting practices
    • Decreasing employee turnover 
    • Boosting employee experience and engagement levels.
    • Helping with automation and process improvement.
    • Expanding workforce profitability and commitment 
    • Improving workforce management
  2. Increase in Remote Workers Within the Organization
    The past couple of years have seen a boost in a number of remote workers and employees valuing flexible working conditions. It is expected that in the year 2020, the companies will be hiring more remote workers in order to attract talented employees all the while saving on the costs. Regular employees can collaborate with employees across the world and in different time zones. 
  3. Continuous Performance Management

    Once-a-year employee performance reviews and manager surveys are dated systems now. Over the past years, organizations that have revolutionized employee performance management systems have experienced higher efficiency, improved worker commitment, and talent retention. 

    In 2020, the reception of CPM forms is going to develop expansively. Many HR software makers are now offering CPM tools to empower a work culture where nonstop instructing and mentoring, feedback, reviews, skill advancement plans, and acknowledgment are prevalent.

  4. On-Job Training with Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Workers require tutoring, training and skill improvement to perform well in their tasks. Continuous learning improves worker skills, empowering them up to take up different positions within the organizations. 

    The year 2020 will see companies putting resources into Virtual and Augmented reality, geofencing, gamification, and different systems to impart on-the-job training to their employees. The employers can be seen using virtual reality during the conferences and recruitment process to entice the best talent. Virtual and Augmented reality is going to help the HR industry in recruiting new talent.

Innovative technology will help streamline and aid the HR industry. Companies will be embracing the technological advancements in the year 2020 and boost their engagement and bottom line.

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