Best 7 Ways to motivate Sales team

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Feb 08, 2018

Best 7 Ways to motivate Sales team
A Sales team is an integral part of every company. All the managers and company heads know the importance of having a good motivated and enthusiastic sales team. A company’s profit or loss depends on the sales of its products and services, which is in the hands of the sales team. Hence, they are the pillars of every business and so need to be taken care of in every way. 

The sales team should be always enthusiastic, motivated and optimistic. Unfortunately, millennials get easily bored with their routine job and hence a lot of efforts are required to keep them passionate about their work. Here are some ways following which the Sales team can be motivated enough to do their work whole-heartedly:

  • Value the employees and their hard-work
    Making the employees feel an important and integral part of the organization is very important. This makes them feel good and motivates to work honestly for their respective organizations. A study by the American Psychological Association reports that 93% of employees who felt valued at work also felt motivated, whereas only 33% of them felt motivated when they didn’t feel valued. There are various studies done timely and each one of them has indicated that valuing the employees really effect their performance. Giving them opportunities to put forward their suggestions, rewards etc. are some of the ways to make them feel an important part of the company.
  • Recognize their achievements
    Recognizing the achievements have always motivated every employee in organizations. A Research by Harvard Business School shows that small wins boost positive mood, motivation, and constructive ways of perceiving work challenges. So, when they get a response from the target audience like a message, revert to the e-mail, an enquiry etc. it must be recognized. This will keep them motivated to work more enthusiastically.
  • Set daily goals
    Having a short meeting with the sales team and setting daily targets with their consent is a good way to keep the Sales Team motivated. Many studies have proved that setting short-term goals has actually helped to improve the performance of sales team.

  • New opportunity to learn more
    Hosting webinars, conferences or buying the sales team some latest books to read may help in keeping them updated with the latest trend in the market. Even establishing mentorship program helps junior members learn tips and tricks from the experienced members. Helping them to remain updated may make them feel better and hence, improve their performance.
  • Team building exercises
    Holding team building exercises have always proved to be beneficial in terms of giving motivating and engaging the employees. A casual round of drinks, picnic, movie etc. activities help employees interact with each other and hence, creates a healthy office environment. A meta-analysis of 103 studies spanning sixty years of research shows that team building does indeed have positive and measurable effects on team performance.
  • Provide sufficient content for marketing
    We all know that content is the king when it comes to sales and promotion. A survey conducted has cited that 57% of the sales persons have agreed that high quality content is the top driver of the sales. So, providing the sales team with the updated content to share with the customer database is really important. This will help customers know more about the products and services the company offers.
  • Reward them on completion of a goal
    Rewards have always been a great driving force when it comes to motivation. Rewarding a Sales Team or Person on achieving a goal is a big motivation for them. Rewards may be monetary as well as non-monetary.

So, whenever you will that your Sales Team is a little de-motivated, just implement the tips mentioned above and see for the change for yourself.

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