Emerging Impact of AI on HR

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 09, 2019




With the advancement of technology and rapid technological changes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be ignored. Rather, AI is already mainstream especially when it comes to management at the workplace and overall management. It has raised the standard of communication and overall experience of the employees, directly affecting their performances. The scope of responsibilities for the Human Resource Department is also getting smaller with the ever increasing use of AI at the workplace. Let’s take a look at the ways in which AI has impacted the HR department directly or indirectly:


· AI reduces bias- The most major impact that AI has had in the HR department has been in removing the element of bias at every level. Recruiting new employees is one of the most important duties of the HR department and chances of favoritism are high during the whole process. Companies can reduce bias by channelizing the communication among the candidates and also receiving appropriate feedbacks from the candidates especially during the recruitment procedure. During the recruitment procedure, there are greater chances of human element creating bias which can decrease the efficiency in assessment of the candidates.

· Saves time- The new era of AI not only helps in increasing the efficiency of work but also helps save time. AI can not only work efficiently but can also reach out to the best opportunities before any other organization can. This also helps top-level managers to focus on things that are more important and directly impact the working of the organization.

· Skill gap analysis- One of the biggest challenges for the Human Resource department is to work out and plug in the gaps between the competencies that are demanded by the organization for any post and the actual skill set that is being possessed by them during the time of bringing in applications. This gap is analyzed by the AI in a much efficient way and thereby, reducing the workload of the Human Resource Department whether it is at the company level or restricted to only a few candidates. Artificial Intelligence can go one step further and also provide deep insights into what affect such gaps have on the growth of the organization and help improve the working of an organization.

· Succession Planning- AI can better predict and identify candidates who have the right talent for every position that they are being hired for. Ai can help to distinguish candidates on the basis of talent and skill without any bias. This not only takes a lot of burden off the HR department but also ensures that the entire process is done at a faster pace and much more efficiently.


With the upcoming age of technology, the race to induct the use of AI in HR departments has been on a continuous rise. It not only helps the HR department adhere to the policies and strategies of the organization but also works toward efficiency and growth for the benefit of the organization.

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