Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing and Rewarding

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Mar 16, 2020

Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing and RewardingRecognizing and rewarding employees is no longer an optional part of the company culture but essential for employee morale and engagement. All too often though, employee rewards are tied to tangible results such as hitting sales goals, closing a big account or successful completion of a project. 

While these are certainly admirable, there are certain behaviors that set your top employees apart from others. These behaviors are what make them more productive, innovative and efficient. The leadership team at your organization should pay heed to these behaviors that align with your company’s goals and culture. Rewarding and recognizing such characteristics can help build a great culture of growth and appreciation at the workplace. 

5 Employee Behaviors Worth Recognizing

  • A growth mindset

The leadership team should value and reward employees with a growth mindset. These are not employees who are content with clocking in a 9-5. They are constantly learning, upgrading their skill sets and searching for ways to do their job better. Employees with a growth mindset aren’t just great at their work but can often motivate their peers to grow their skillset and become better at their work. 

  • Team player

An employee that works well with his team members collaborating for successful completion of projects and overall growth of the company should be rewarded. A good working relationship between team members doesn’t just increase productivity but also speaks of good work culture and can boost overall employee engagement. 

  • Flexibility

When working in a smaller company or on a newer product there can often be strategy changes. In the current competitive market staying agile is the name of the game. Employees who are flexible and can quickly adapt to any changes deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Such employees do not crib or criticize the leadership when there are any changes but instead work hard to build team momentum around the strategy changes. 

  • Problem Solver

Managers should felicitate employees who are proactive in providing solutions rather than sitting back and pointing out problems. Having a problem solver on your team means that they are ready to roll up their sleeves and put in the work required to resolve the issue instead of placing the blame and responsibility on others. 

  • Accountability

Employees should display ownership and initiative at work. Such employees follow through and get the work done once they make a commitment. They do not try to pass the buck but instead, step up and take responsibility for the results. Employees that do display accountability should be rewarded for their efforts and initiative not only for the work done but for setting up good examples for the rest of the team to follow. 

Each of these behaviors directly or indirectly improve the work culture, employee engagement, and productivity and overall impact the bottom line of the organization positively. While it is easy to recognize and reward the more tangible number based results the leadership should also place importance on behaviors that can help transform your organization. Are there any other employee behaviors that deserve to be rewarded? Does the leadership at your organization realize the importance of positive employee behaviors? 


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