Employee Engagement vs Employee Satisfaction

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Feb 21, 2019


At the beginning of every year, organizations set up various agendas to work towards the growth of their company. Employees are considered to be the most essential part of an organization. Their happiness and commitment towards their work help their company grow and succeed. The two main aspects that companies nowadays focus primarily on are employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement and employee satisfaction might sound similar, however, they are entirely different from each other. It is absolutely true that employees should be completely engaged in their work and they should be satisfied with the work they are doing as well. For building a stable and robust work system, the difference between employee engagement and satisfaction should be understood first.

· Employee engagement exists when employees remain committed to meet all the goals that are important for the growth of the company. Employee satisfaction exists when employees start enjoying the work and job they have been assigned to do.

· Employees who are engaged in their jobs remain satisfied with their work but, the contrary might not be true. Satisfied employees might not always be engaged with their work. 


Contribution of employee satisfaction to a company

Although satisfied employees remain content in their working environment, they might never strive to go beyond their job to help the company grow. An employee who is completely satisfied with his job stops looking for options to change their job or group. They never go above and beyond their duties to work for the growth of the company.This could lead to a slower growth and lower turnover for the company. 

Contribution of employee engagement to a company

Engaged employees tend to think about the growth of the company. They try to find out new ways such as handling business processes, considering new products, helping the coworkers, etc. to grow the company’s business. Engaged employees also remain happy with the company they are associated with.

Employee satisfaction is the foundation on which employee engagement grows and thrives. So, it is important for companies to focus on increasing employee satisfaction through different ways. Engaged employees are the reason behind increased productivity, customer satisfaction, higher retention and improved quality so, the companies must prioritize improving employee engagement and satisfaction.

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