General Myths About Employee Engagement

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Dec 20, 2018

collaboration-community-cooperation-872955Employee engagement is very important for every organization and one of the major factors that determine the overall success of an organization. Unfortunately, employee engagement stats are still very low, all over the world. Its time to bust a few myths about employee engagement that may be contributing negatively to these stats:

• Myth 1: Satisfied employees are engaged

This may come as a surprise but this is False. It is entirely possible for your employees to be happy with their work, compensation, and colleagues and still be completely disengaged from the company. They may not care much about the company’s overall goals. So, as a manager, you would need to identify such employees and motivate and inspire them towards working for the greater good of the company.

• Myth 2: Employees should behave professionally and shouldn’t be emotional at work

Research has time and again shown that people think emotionally when making decisions, even the ones where their intellect should be involved. As such, all employees involve their emotions when making decisions at work too. Therefore the expectation that employees should not display any emotion at work is unrealistic. Treat your employees as normal human beings and recognize their work and achievements instead.

•Myth 3: Disengaged employees are bad employees and are in the wrong job

The engagement of an employee is dependent on their performance score. However, a performance score alone does not make them a bad employee. A great employee could be given an ill-suited task and this may reduce their performance score too. There can be a multitude of other reasons behind a low-performance score. As a manager, it is important that you evaluate the reasons behind a lower score instead of considering a disengaged employee a bad one.

•Myth 4: Money can buy engagement

Most leaders believe that a great compensation and benefits plan alone is enough to boost employee engagement. While compensation is important for employee engagement they are by no means the only factor. Employee engagement is something that comes from within and can’t really be forced. Effective rewards and incentives can only motivate employees to perform better but might not be enough to keep them engaged and involved with the company’s goals.

•Myth 5: Engaged employees will stay loyal to the company

As a leader you might be surprised to know that high employee engagement does not guarantee employee loyalty. Even your most engaged employees could decide to quit their jobs. Therefore it is important for HR teams to monitor employee performance and take the necessary steps to help employees if their performance drops.

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