Helping your Frontline Employees during COVID-19

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 20, 2020

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While a large part of the world’s population is working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, some businesses have been deemed as essential. If you are running an essential business, whether it is related to healthcare, grocery stores, logistics, supply chain, or manufacturing, your frontline employees are working in times of considerable risk and pressure. They are scared of getting sick, losing their jobs, or might be nearing burnout.

During these uncertain times when fear and anxiety are running high, it is important to support and appreciate these everyday heroes who are helping their nation run smoothly. 


  • Implement steps for effective social distancing

Since your employees still need to show up for work, it is important to implement measures to keep them safe. Along with providing your employees with adequate PPE and implementing stringent sanitation practices, you should also apply social distancing measures if possible. Whether it is by implementing a staggered start to the day or fewer people per shift and shorter shifts, it would depend upon how your business operates. While it may be a change from how your team normally functions, such measures are important for the safety and wellbeing of your employees. 


  • Motivate employees by reinforcing the purpose

During these difficult times, your employees might lose morale, especially since they are at the frontline and putting their health at a greater risk than others. Reminding your employees of how essential they are and how they are helping the society currently could help reinforce your company’s purpose and motivate them. 

So grocery workers aren’t just stocking shelves but keeping the families fed across the country. The logistics workers are making sure that the vulnerable population can stay indoors as much as possible and that the supply chain doesn’t get broken. Healthcare workers are saving lives every day and reuniting families with their loved ones. 

While your employees do understand their role in these crucial times, repeating and reinforcing it helps to give them focus and purpose. 


  • Effective Communication

While effective communication is important throughout the year, it is absolutely essential during difficult times such as these. Even a quick powwow before the day begins to discuss goals, previous day performances, any relevant news or updates, recognition for great work or some pep talk can help keep the team connected and employees engaged. 

Of course, these meetings might have to be virtual or while maintaining appropriate distance and in smaller groups but connecting with your employees is non-trivial during this pandemic. 


  • Appreciate your employees

There has never been a better time to appreciate and recognize your employee’s efforts. Your employees are risking their health and wellbeing by coming into work every day and their actions are essential for the society and the country at large. Whether it is appreciation in team meetings or your social media channels, a token gift of appreciation. 

Recognizing your employees during this time can serve to inspire and motivate your employees, make them feel proud of the organization they work, and the work that they do. 

Your frontline employees are serving their nation in difficult times and we all appreciate them for what they do. Their physical, as well as mental safety and wellbeing, is essential. 

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