How To Create A Positive Employee Experience

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jul 22, 2020

We all know it, happy employees make for a productive work environment and overall a positive company culture. Absences, turnovers are lower and the organization is not just successful but also more appealing to job seekers. 


What is employee experience?

Employee experience includes everything that a person encounters or observes from their very first day at the organization to when they finally leave. 

However, positive employee experience isn’t a matter of chance. A strong company culture, effective leadership, the workplace environment all contribute to designing a great experience. 

When beginning to design your employee experience there are a few steps you should follow: 

  • Discover and Learn

The very first step is to discover and learn. Listening to your employees, understand their needs and pain points. What your employees think and want is going to help you define the things you should include in your employee experience design. 

  • Design 

The very next step is to design the experience and including your employees within the design process is crucial. 

  • Implement

Implement your employee experience design, keep testing, keep learning, and keep tweaking it. 

Common design errors

  1. The first error is to depend upon unrelated professionals to create your employee experience design. It is ideal to not design for your employees but with them. Including your employees in the design process boosts the chances of your design to be successful. 
  2. Trying to get to the solution quickly. Take the time to identify the issues, go through the process to create a more robust design. 
  3. Creating a design that is just about ‘fun’ rather than making an impact. 
  4. Believing in a one size fits all solution. Every company is unique and has its own set of challenges. An employee experience design that works for one company wouldn’t necessarily work for others. 

Employee Experience During Covid-19

Employees are noticing how their employers are currently dealing with the coronavirus crisis. So now more than ever it is important for employers to create a positive employee experience. Working from home is not an ideal situation for everyone and managers and companies need to listen to employees and understand how to make the experience better for everyone during these tough times. So whether it is flexibility in timing, implementing no meeting days during the week, companies need to conduct surveys and tweak their employee experience design accordingly. 

This is the time for companies to not settle into the ‘new normal’ but to adapt and create a newer and more robust employee experience. The aim should be to create a pleasant, empathetic, and positive work experience for all employees. 


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