Importance of Promotional Incentives

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Feb 20, 2018

Importance of Promotional Incentives

Employees are the pillars of every organization. A company’s success or failure lies directly in the hands of its employees. It is the dream of every company head or manager to have a highly motivated and dedicated Sales Team. 

This makes it is important to understand the factors that help them remain focused on the work, increase employee engagement and sales of the company. No doubt, each and every employee contributes to the success of the company but the Sales Team (Internal as well as External) plays a little extra role in it.

It is through the efforts of this team only that a company is able to sell its products and services. So, it becomes really important to keep them motivated and engaged so that they work-hard and perform better.

Incentives in every form work the best to motivate the employees to perform better. In this article, we will be discussing the Promotional Incentive for internal as well as external sales people. But first, let’s understand the meaning of Promotional Incentive:

A Promotional Incentive is an incentive which is given to the employees on making sales during the special occasions like during Christmas, New Year, and Halloween etc.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing Promotional Incentive in an organization:

1. Motivated Work-force
It is human nature to feel good, excited and motivated when a gift or a surprise is given. Same is the case with employees. Incentives in every form motivate them to work dedicatedly to achieve the set target. Promotional Incentives are a great way for employees to earn that extra money or a surprise gift from the company. Knowing that your company has this tradition, will keep the employees motivated to work more dedicatedly and even keep the office environment highly energetic. 

2. Increased Sales
Now, when you have a motivated work-force to work, it is almost guaranteed that they will be selling more of your company’s products and services. The Team will work with enthusiasm and will be actively focusing on bringing in more leads. So, this means increased sales and more profit for the company.

3. Increased Profit
Increase in sales means an increase in company’s profit. So, when you have a group of energetic, enthusiastic and highly motivated focused employees, there are fair chances of increase in sales which will, in turn, bring profit to the company.
Increased Sales = Increased Profit

4. Brand Credibility
When your existing customers will see the company is open and functioning even on special holidays, they will definitely trust your Brand more. The chances are that they will even recommend your Brand to their family and friends. So, this way introducing Promotional Incentives in the company increases Brand’s Credibility.

5. Employee Retention
Implementing the culture of Promotional Incentives increases employee satisfaction and engagement as well as helps to retain the employees for a longer period of time. Extra earnings or gifts always motivates the employees and keep them happy. This makes them stick to the company for a longer period of time which is again beneficial for the company.

So, Promotional Incentives when implemented properly and with careful planning will always bring positive results for the company. Try implementing the same in your company and see the change for yourself.

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