Interesting Ways to Implement Sales Incentives

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Apr 06, 2018

Interesting Ways to Implement Sales Incentives
Sales Team is the backbone of every company. This team brings in success and failure for every company. Having a highly motivated and smart sales team cannot be understated any longer. And, to keep the sales team motivated Rewards and Incentives work the best. These are the psychological needs of all the employees.

 They make them feel good and motivated. Benefits of Incentives are numerous if implemented properly.

Whether job-related, tangible or experiential incentives are to be implemented, the main motive should be never out of the focus. Implementing good sales incentive is no doubt a tricky and tedious task but it certainly does not have to break the company’s budget. Sales incentives can be cost effective too. Let discover some of the interesting ways by which you can implement the incentive to keep your sales team motivated, engaged and productive:

· Paid Time off
Employees dedicate 8-9 hours of a day to the company and give in extra efforts to bring in profit for the company. It therefore becomes important for the company as well to take care of the employees. So, giving paid time offs to the employee whether half day, a chance to come late to the office or something like this, will help to keep the sales team motivated.

· Prime Car Parking Spot
This is something which every employee has to deal with early mornings. Making the stellar employees free from this hassle will definitely make them happy. This will make their mornings better and bring positivity in the office.

· Gym or Yoga Class Reimbursement
Reimbursement of the employee or employee’s gym or yoga fees who achieve their targets on time is a good idea. Everybody these days is careful about their health and hence, helping them in staying fit and healthy is a good way to keep them motivated.

· Scratch-offs
Scratch-off cards are a good way of keeping the sales team motivated as it has a surprise element. It is human nature to get more excited and work hard for something which contains a surprise. You can have 1 expensive gift in all those scratch cards which will motivate every sales person to bring more sales for the company.

· Movie or Match Tickets
Gifting the good performers family movie tickets or match tickets is a good idea to keep them motivated. You can keep these as the winning price of some goal to be achieved.

· Account Points
Companies have now started to incentivize the employees by the point-based system. You can easily credit the points in the account of stellar employees. This enables them redeem product of their own choice. This keeps them motivated to work hard to collect more points in order to buy the products of their choice.

These were some of the interesting ways by which you can keep the sales team motivated to bring in more sales for the company.

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