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Incentivizing Behaviors that Promote Company Success

Working toward company success is a complex and ever-changing process.  Without proper motivation to help organizational growth, employees will become...

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A Morale Decision: How Improving Engagement Leads to Increased Happiness

As managers, we hopefully value the happiness of our workers, lest they show dissent or discourage their peers from working at the company. After all,...

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Tangible Incentives: Why Making Memories Beats Making Money

We understand that good employees deserve recognition, but the nuance of the reward is what really drives its impact.  Think of it this way: how many...

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The Fundamentals of Employee Engagement

It's widely accepted -- yet not widely practiced -- that employee engagement is a major factor when determining a business' success. Yet despite this...

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When is right time to give Recognition?

 Answer is always.

Everyone, no matter who it is, wants to be recognized for something. Something special for contribution and will reflect to who we...

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Benefit One USA Unveils Employee Recognition Tool to Encourage and Motivate Employees

Benefit One USA, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of Points-based Programs, an employee recognition tool that will give encouragement and...

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