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9 Fabulous ways to Re-engage disengaged employees!

Having engaged & interested employees in an office don’t only bring positivity in the office but also helps a company to grow. It is a dream of every...

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Effective on-spot recognition

"Recognition is the greatest motivator." --Gerald C. Eakerdale

Recognition and appreciation are the biggest forms of motivation. These two things...

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Incentives: Give Memories instead!

Incentives are a great way of employee recognition and encouragement. For a company, incentives are a way of motivating the employees to stay motivated...

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Can Gift Cards Beat Gratitude?

By now, we’ve certainly established the importance of proper recognition and its impact on employee engagement. The fact that top performers deserve to...

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Employee engagement and commitment

Are your employees achieving the set targets within the time limit? Do they come up with new & interesting ideas to complete the task? Is the office...

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[eBook] Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Engaging the Millennials in the workplace is crucial for the employers. They will form the 75% part of the workforce by 2030. In this regard,...

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How Do Millennials Wants To Be Recognized?

Millennials are the largest working secgion in U.S. There are about 53.5 million working Millennials in U.S. and this number is expected to grow as...

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Meaningful Employee Recognition

Employee recognition means acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the employees who have given it all for achieving a set milestone, completing...

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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is defined as striking the right balance between work- life and personal life. It is a daily effort made to devote the right amount...

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Engagement and Commitment

It's no secret that employees want to be recognized for their hard work. Whenever a new hire joins your ranks, they carry with them vast potential,...

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