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All About Channel Incentives


It is a dream of every company to retain its partners for a longer period of time. Every company wants that their existing customers should keep...

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6 Fantastic Tips for Managers to Recognize the Employees

In the present scenario, companies are focusing more and more on recognizing their employees to increase employee engagement & satisfaction. In this...

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Is modern day recognition enough to engage employees?

Recognition and appreciation are the driving forces within a company. It is the only way to make employees realize that they are being noticed and...

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Monetary Reward vs Experience Based Rewards

We all are very familiar with the importance of motivation at work-place for employees. For motivating the employees, almost all the organizations...

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Effect of Recognition on the Office Team!

Having an enthusiastic team in office is a dream of every company whether a small enterprise or a big company. When the employees are happily working,...

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How Work Environment Affects Productivity

If there’s one thing true about work environments, it’s that everyone will have good experiences and bad ones – very bad ones. This can happen for a...

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9 Fabulous ways to Re-engage disengaged employees!

Having engaged & interested employees in an office don’t only bring positivity in the office but also helps a company to grow. It is a dream of every...

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Effective on-spot recognition

"Recognition is the greatest motivator." --Gerald C. Eakerdale

Recognition and appreciation are the biggest forms of motivation. These two things...

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Incentives: Give Memories instead!

Incentives are a great way of employee recognition and encouragement. For a company, incentives are a way of motivating the employees to stay motivated...

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Can Gift Cards Beat Gratitude?

By now, we’ve certainly established the importance of proper recognition and its impact on employee engagement. The fact that top performers deserve to...

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