Point-based Sales Incentive: a fun way to incentivize employees

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jan 10, 2018

Point-based Sales Incentive: a fun way to incentivize employees

Having a highly motivated workforce is the dream of every organization. One of the ways to achieve this is to introduce rewards & incentives for the stellar employees in the office. But, here also the big hurdle comes when you got to decide the incentives & rewards acknowledging the budget and other factors. 

Choosing the right sales incentive for the team is really a challenging task for every Organization. These incentives need to be exciting and motivating enough to keep the employees engaged. Millennials have different needs and expectations and to cater to those needs, Point-based sales incentives work the best. These have taken place over the age-old incentive methods and have even proved out as a big success.

Point-based sales incentives keep on adding points in the official accounts of every employee on the successful completion of some assigned milestone or on achieving something important. It just keeps on adding points in the accounts of employees and allows them to redeem whenever they want. This works as a great motivating factor for employees to work more efficiently.

How Does Point-based System work?

The Software is installed on the computers of every employee and their personal accounts are made. This software is customized as per the needs of an organization and then goals or milestones are set for the employees. On the accomplishment of the set goals, points get added to the account of that employee which are then, redeemed by the employees later. These points can be redeemed in various ways like they can shop from their favorite brands, get a movie ticket or choose from the numerous options available.

This is the way in which the point based sales incentives work

What are the Benefits of Point-based Sales Incentives?

Incentives in the form of points are a very effective way to increase employee engagement and dedication. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:

  • Easy way to monitor the participation and involvement of the employees in their work
  • Being monitored via a software, this is a non-partial way to incentivize the employees
  • Allows employees to redeem their points from a variety of options available
  • Motivates employees to work-hard to collect points in order to grab their favorite things
  • Increases employee engagement & employee satisfaction & much more

These were some of the benefits of Point-based Incentives. Companies whether B2B, B2C etc. have been benefited to a great extent by using point-based sales incentives. Most of the companies have ditched the age-old method of incentivizing the employees and have adopted the point-based method.

We at Benefit One USA have come up with customizable point-based rewarding software that has been used by many companies in USA. So, what are you waiting for? Implement this in your company & feel the change for yourself.

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