Remote Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 29, 2020

While remote work has seen an upward trend in recent years, the current coronavirus crisis has people all over the world staying at home, social distancing and working from home. While the technology sector had started to provide options for remote work during the past few years, no one was really prepared for the current scenario. So how do you manage to work remotely, ensure productivity during these tough times? 


Remote Work

While working from home for people used to a traditional office environment might be tough, here’s how you can make the best of the given situation. 


  • Establish an office space

Having a designated work area, whether it is a work table or your dining table helps you slip into ‘work mode’. Try to use this area exclusively during work hours and keep it clean and organized.


  • Equip yourself

Prepare your home with any essentials you need for work continuity. So if you are used to working with a 2 screen setup or you require physical files or other media to work successfully, replicate your office set up so that your work doesn’t get impacted. Don’t’ be afraid to ask your manager for any such resources or tools that are essential for your work. It is highly likely that your manager would pay heed to your request and attempt to fulfill it.    


  • Connect, Connect, Connect

Communicate and update your manager frequently on everything you are doing or if anything changes on your end regarding your schedule or project timelines. While it may seem extensive initially, it will help both your manager and you set clear expectations in place. Communicate and collaborate with your teammates and avoid working in silos. 


  • Set a schedule

It is important to have a strict schedule or ‘office hours’ in place when working from home. This ensures that you are on track with your deliverables which can help with job security. It also helps to keep your work hours and personal time separate instead of melding into one. 


  • Stick to deadlines

When working from home, you have to be much more disciplined with your schedule and the things you focus on. Set goals and deadlines and work to stick to them. If your situation changes in any way and you are going to find it hard to stick to the earlier decided deadlines, speak to your manager about readjusting the deliverables and deadlines.  


  • Dress for work

While much has been made about the benefits of working in your pajamas, the truth is it is important to get dressed for work. It helps to mentally prepare you for the day and boosts your focus and productivity at work. An added bonus is being presentable for all the zoom calls. 


During these trying times, there is a lot of uncertainty. Having a plan in place and a set schedule helps to keep some semblance of normalcy in your everyday life. Having defined work hours will also help you maintain a work-life balance with time to connect with your family and friends too. While your work might not be expecting their employees to be a hundred percent productive currently, sticking to your deadlines and successfully executing projects will help with job security and peace of mind. 

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