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Workplace Wellness and Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the question of employee wellness to the front and center. We are all living through extremely stressful times. On...

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5 Habits Great Bosses Possess

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Great Bosses make for great employees’.’ Don’t be too quick to dismiss it as a cliche though. According to data published...

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Effect of Unhealthy Eating during the Work Days


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Interesting Ways to Appreciate the Hard-work of the Pharmacy Employees

Pharmacy organizations know the vital role their staff members play in bringing success to the organization. They are the first ones to greet all the...

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6 Fantastic Tips for Managers to Recognize the Employees

In the present scenario, companies are focusing more and more on recognizing their employees to increase employee engagement & satisfaction. In this...

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Effective on-spot recognition

"Recognition is the greatest motivator." --Gerald C. Eakerdale

Recognition and appreciation are the biggest forms of motivation. These two things...

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