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5 Fantastic Ways to Create a Millennial-friendly Workspace

With millennials forming more than 50% of the U.S. workforce, the demographics of the workplace continue to shift. This shift demands a change in...

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Best 4 Tips for Construction Industry to Hire Millennials

With the number of boomers retiring from the construction company, many vacancies are being generated for millennials. Due to the risky tasks involved,...

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5 Amazing Tips to Onboard Millennial in the Company

The times have changed and the loyalty of a millennial for a company has almost become rare. However, the differentiating factor can be the onboarding...

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[eBook] Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Engaging the Millennials in the workplace is crucial for the employers. They will form the 75% part of the workforce by 2030. In this regard,...

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Recognizing a New Generation: How Millennials Have Uprooted Workplace Recognition

An aging population has brought a lot of changes in virtually every area of society, and the workplace is no exception.  When it comes to feedback and...

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