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Ways to Improve the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way since the first drug was introduced in the 8th century. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds all...

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Changing Role of HR Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Recruiting new employees, facilitating, monitoring and enforcing employee compliance in a company are a few of the major roles of the HR department....

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Best 5 Proven Ways to Boost the Productivity of Employees at Workplace

It’s vital for every company to have a highly motivated, productive and active workforce. Employees these days are spending a great amount of time at...

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Interesting Ways to Implement Sales Incentives

Sales Team is the backbone of every company. This team brings in success and failure for every company. Having a highly motivated and smart sales team...

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Importance of Promotional Incentives

Employees are the pillars of every organization. A company’s success or failure lies directly in the hands of its employees. It is the dream of every...

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Best 7 Ways to motivate Sales team

A Sales team is an integral part of every company. All the managers and company heads know the importance of having a good motivated and enthusiastic...

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