Tips for Recruiting Remote Workers

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Aug 14, 2020

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Tech companies are leading the way in making the transition to remote working. Companies such as Twitter and Square are even talking about providing employees with an option to continue to work remotely even after the pandemic is over. The recruiting industry is going through considerable disruption. Hiring remote workers come with their own set of challenges. We have a few tips to make the recruiting process for remote employees smooth. 

  • Set clear expectation regarding time

Are you looking for your employees to clock in a set number of hours or is your model at work more result-oriented? Whatever your priorities are, make sure you set clear expectations regarding them when recruiting your next employee. With remote work, the lines between professional and personal time have been blurred and people all over are struggling to achieve a work-life balance. Letting your employees know exactly what they need to work on and how long sets them up for success while working remotely. 

  • Working remotely or working from home

During the Coronavirus crisis while companies had asked their employees to work remotely, what they really meant is ‘working from home’. A few companies have gone on record that they would prefer employees to still be in a similar geographical location as them. Working remotely should ideally mean working from anywhere as long as the tools and resources are available and the job at hand can be done well. 


  • Establishing lines of communication

While clear consistent communication is important at work at regular times too but it is absolutely essential when employees are working remotely. Develop a clear communication plan with a new recruit. Would they experience fatigue if inundated by too many video calls in a day or are they someone who prefers regular check-ins? Understanding what communication styles work best for them can allow for a deeper connection and camaraderie to be established even when working remotely. 

  • Involve your team in the recruiting process 

Your team understands their work and candidate requirements best. Involve them in the recruiting process allows you to hire the candidate that would be able to work best with the team. If your team feels heard and appreciated for their input, they are more likely to welcome the new hire, help ease them not only to the work but also the larger company culture. 

The new way of work and the world will definitely take some adjusting to. For a lot of us, we might never end up going back to a traditional office setting again. During these times of transition, the HR department needs to be agile instead of relying on how things were done in the past. As remote teams are built, companies can now source top talent from anywhere in the world instead of having to limit themselves geographically. This could open a world of possibilities and truly lead to a global economy. 

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