Tips to be More Productive While Working Remotely

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Sep 15, 2020

Work From Home

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live as well as work. With stay-at-home rules to follow, a larger part of the workforce is working remotely. Surprisingly, approximately 55% of the millennials were working as freelancers even before the pandemic breakout. So, this means for almost half of the working force, remote work was already preferred, but not everyone enjoys working remotely.

Working from home comes with various challenges like a completely different setup where employees can miss collaborating with their peers and feel isolated. As such employees can often feel unmotivated and struggle to meet deadlines. This article includes a few tips that will help you stay sane and cope up with the new working normal for all of us. Let us begin:

Invest in the working space at home

For now there’s a lack of clarity regarding when corporations will be able to return to office completely. Most people do not have an entire home office setup.

This lack of proper working space can affects the motivation to work as well as efficiency. So it is ideal to identify a quiet corner of your home and invest in a desk and comfortable chair along with other office essentials.

This will help you have your own little office at home, which will help motivate you to work and boost your productivity.

Stay connected to your fellow colleagues and team leaders in real-time

Another thing that can be brought into practice to stay motivated and connected with the colleagues is to leverage messaging and conferencing apps such as Slack, Google Meet or Zoom.

Having all your colleagues on one of these apps will help them connect with each other in real-time. This will help create a virtual workforce and a suitable platform for sharing your thoughts with your co-workers.

Pre-schedule the tasks for the coming day

Managing time in this pandemic has been challenging for everyone. Sticking to the timetable has become the most challenging task for almost every one of us. But when it comes to staying motivated to work and achieve the set goals, it helps to create your to-do list of the tasks in advance only. Having the tasks written on your note pad and in front of you will definitely keep you motivated to get up and complete them all. This will keep you aligned with your tasks and stay encouraged to work.

The present time is indeed a challenging time for almost everyone and keeping up with our usual routine has become a daunting task. Try implementing the strategies as mentioned above in your daily working time and see for yourself if they benefit you or not.


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