Tips to build an Effective Network of Rewards for Telecommunication Industry

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 08, 2018


Rewards for Telecommunication

We have come across a long way in the field of telecommunication. Earlier people used to communicate with distant relatives and friends via a simple phone call and telegraphs. But, today with the advancement of technology, the ways of communication has changed significantly. Hour-long phone calls, video calls, Skype calls have become a necessity and even the center of everyone’s world in today’s time whether for professional reasons or for personal. By implementing unique incentive and rewards for the employees as well as for the customers, you can overcome growing problem of employee satisfaction in the telecommunication industry. Let us take a look how you can improve the performance of employees in order to stay ahead of the competition:

For Employees

As employees are the pillars of every organization therefore, it is very important to keep them happy and satisfied. Let us discuss some of the ways by which you can make them happy and enjoy increase employee engagement:

  • Recognition
    Recognizing the efforts of an employee whether on achieving a goal or during customer dealings etc. boosts the confidence of the employee and motivates them to work hard.
  • Appreciation
    Employees spent almost half of the day in your company and work hard to justify their jobs. Appreciating the hard-work, time and efforts they are investing in your company is a good way to keep them motivated.
  • Rewards
    Rewards in whichever way have always worked positively in motivating the employees and increasing employee engagement. So, rewards should be set for stellar employees.
  • Incentives
    Incentives within the budget of the company should be set and rewarded to the employees showing excellent performance.
  • Team building exercises
    Team building exercises are also a good way to create better understanding among the employees and encourage a good working atmosphere for working.

For Customers

Telecommunication industry is a highly competitive one and to survive this competition, you need to be extra careful in taking care of the customers along with the employees. Customer satisfaction directly determines the growth of an industry. So, let us take a look at some of the ways by which you can retain the customers for a longer period of time:

  • Customized prepaid cards
    By offering customized prepaid cards and packages for the customers who have been using your services may increase the conversion rate and Brand loyalty among the customers.
  • Attractive Membership programs
    Introducing amazing membership offers for the users is another great way to increase the conversion rate and gain Brand popularity.
  • Better Customer care service
    Customers always want a super active and highly responsible customer care service that can address their problems and give out an instant solution. So, working a little bit on the customer care team may help you retain your present customers and widen up the customer network too.
  • Rewards for loyal customers
    The customers who have been using your services for more than 5 years should be rewarded with some extra appreciations. Implementing a reward scheme for the loyal customers can also help in retaining them.

So, these were some of the ways implementing which may help you stand out from rest of the telecommunication companies. This industry is gaining momentum daily and if you will not put extra efforts to satisfy employees and customers, then the survival may become a little difficult.

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