Top Challenges Faced by the HR Team in the Construction Industry

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Nov 09, 2018


The workforce is the most valuable asset of a construction company. It is this skilled workforce that decides the success and failure of a construction company and thus, taking proper care of them is the foremost priority of every construction company.

Maintaining a strong workforce is definitely challenging for the HR department and construction companies as they have to deal with strict immigration laws, employment laws and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the major challenges that an HR manager faces in a construction company so, that if you are holding the same position or are about to in near future, you have a proper idea of what all is coming your way:

1. Recruitment of the qualified workers

Due to the increasing competition and the perception of constructor job’s cost, it is becomes challenging for the construction companies to recruit the best-fit for the vacant position. Using the most effective mediums for posting the job requirements along with the qualifications can help in recruiting the right candidates.

2. High employee turnover
Many construction companies hire employees on a contract basis for a specific project and this leads to increase the employee turnover rate. Not only this but the statistics show that the constructors get injured in a first few weeks and this leads to increase the employee turnover rate.

3. Employee safety
Construction is no doubt a risky job and workplace accidents may cause the related companies staggering costs. These costs include medical expenses, costs incurred during recruiting, employee insurance premiums and much more. To save all these costs, employee safety must be the paramount consideration for the construction company. Implementing employee safety plans, providing proper work training to the employees and protocols to follow in case of injuries will also lessen the unwanted incidents at the worksite.

4. Changing labor laws
All the companies have to face changing labor laws relating to the treatment of workers. Since the construction companies face a high turnover rate, it is important that the HR manager stay updated with the latest changes in the labor laws that are made by the government for the treating the workers and ensuring their safety.

So, these were the major challenges that an HR manager has to face while working with a construction company.

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