Ways Big Data Can Help The HR Department

By Koichi Kato May 28, 2019


Big Data

Big Data has been revolutionizing all the industries across the globe. It has now become an essential part when talking about the duties of the Human Resource Department. Big Data provides a lot of useful data which includes both structured and unstructured data which can be used by the workforce in an organization. This data can be leveraged by the HR department in different ways to support the organization. Let’s take a look at them:

· Be Selective- The primary benefit of using Big Data is to gather and compile useful information and stats. This insightful information can then be converted into knowledge which can then be transformed into actionable tasks. There are a number of metrics the HR department can use to filter such data. The metrics which provide the HR with the best information and a good insight into the organization should be properly analyzed and future plans should be made accordingly to meet the objectives of an organization.

· Let the Data make calls- It becomes crucial that the data compiled should lead the way into the decision making procedure. The data can help HR make sound decisions for the organization such as to fulfill the needs of the staff members, ways to improve the recruitment procedure, alter the existing procedures and much more. The data can also help the organization in bringing the best out of the employees at any given level.


· Enable Real-time feedback- Tools backed up with Big Data can help the companies to collect real-time feedback from the employees. This feedback can also provide direct insight into the needs of the employees. This can help the HR department better understand the needs of the employees and can lay the groundwork to boost employee engagement.

· Start small and Focus on clean Data- The biggest hurdle in leveraging the data of the workforce is that the HR is involved in the compilation of data of inputs and outputs of different systems used within the organization. The biggest challenge lies that none of these systems convey to each other at any given point of time which leaves with HR so much of different kinds of data. So the solution to the same is that the HR starts picking up some key insights from the huge data that are in line with the marketing strategies of the organization thereby working on clean data.


Therefore, it can be said that Big Data along with insights from the department can lead to great transformations within an organization which results in the overall development of the employees as well as the company.


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