Ways to Make Employees Feel Valued

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Nov 19, 2018


Employees are one of the biggest assets for any company. A happy employee can make the work easier for the organization, improves the office environment and much more whereas an unsatisfied employee can be a big drawback for the organization. So, the employer should try the best to ensure a proper working environment for the employees and also appreciate them and value their importance and work, especially at the workplace.

This can be done in a number of ways i.e. by making them feel comfortable, allowing them or giving them the space to think of new ideas and making them fall in love with their work. The basic objective of being able to develop a culture which supports the employees and benefit them and the organization is that it should be budget friendly. So, here are some of the tips that can help the company HR team to instill a feeling of being valued in the employees:

· Remembering small details

The best thing an HR team can do for his employee is to remember those small details about the employee or the work done by him. This clearly shows the intention of the employer that he is onto something and also that those little details were important for him making the employee feel important.

When such details are put forward or later discussed with the employees, this instills a feeling of being appreciated by depicting that the employer was paying undivided attention towards the employee actions. This can be a great tool if used wisely and may also help in bridging the gaps between the employer and employee by enhancing their relationships. It is obviously difficult for the HR team to keep the manual record of every employee’s work so, HR software is an easy option to go with. It keeps proper track of every employee’s almost every activity.

· Spending time with employees

It is a proven fact that monetary methods do play a big role in bringing satisfaction for employees, but the sense of being valued as an asset can only come when an emotional relationship is developed with the company. The simplest and most effective way to develop such a relationship is by spending some time with the employees outside the conventional ways. This can be done by arranging for lunch or different team building exercises or meetings outside the office which motivates the employees.

The employer must also try to know and discuss his employees’ thoughts on their job or via personal feedback or reviewing their performance personally which will make them comfortable.

· Public appreciation

The HR team should take into account that if an employee is to be appreciated, it must be done in public i.e. PDA (Public Display of Appreciation) as research has also shown that this way of appreciation works the best. A simple “Thank You” or “Well done” etc. work wonders. This shows the employees that their work is being taken into consideration and they are on the right path which further makes them feel valued.

· Challenge them

Every employee has a special talent and the employer must take into account such talents. If the same work is being given to the same employee ignoring his talent that lower downs the morale of the employee.

On the other hand, if some specific task is provided to the employees, this shows that the employer trusts them with that specific work and also shows confidence in his or her capabilities making him feel comfortable and at the same time valued.

Recognition, appreciation, and incentives should be done as often as possible in order to motivate the employees and make them feel valued.

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