When is right time to give Recognition?

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Sep 13, 2016

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Answer is always.

Everyone, no matter who it is, wants to be recognized for something. Something special for contribution and will reflect to who we are

. Employees at your company contributes time and endeavor to accomplish something to “feel” how they are making difference in their work life.

From Careerbuilder’s survey,  we’ve found some interesting pull.
50% of employee thinks Increasing employee recognition will reduce voluntary turn-over.

Another One form HBR.org  63% of employees complains that not recognizing employee achievements.

We believe that recognition from peer is the superlative form of validation that your work is appreciated and here are the tips that you can start tomorrow.

- Post-its:  Don’t just write “Thank you“ write message with what the person contribute to and how you or company appreciate it.

- Office trophy:  trophy, stuffed animal or figure that you can pass around the office, and give it to the employee who has done great job this week and let them keep it for a week. After a week, let that employee decide the peer who has done the same.

-  Old fashion but most effective:  peer to peer communication is most effective and strongest.  Let them know that they have done great job.

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