Meaningful Employee Recognition

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 30, 2017

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Employee recognition means acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the employees who have given it all for achieving a set milestone, completing a project and much more. 

It is the strongest form of recognition which makes an employee or team feel valued, respected and motivated.

As it is said “You Don’t Build a Business, You Build People and Then, People Build the Business”, it becomes important for every Employer to timely recognize and appreciate his/her employees in order keep them happy and motivated. Recent studies have shown that the companies which have implemented employee recognition programs witnessed increased employees work engagement and output to almost 50% which is another good reason to get started with the same.

Here are some of the ideas that HR team or manager can include to recognize their valuable employees but before let’s take a look at the Important Points to be kept in mind while starting the same:


・Every Employee Is Eligible
Make sure every employee of the company is included in this process. Don’t exclude even a single employee as it may bring negativity in the office and would do exactly the opposite of what we want to create.

・Set Clear Eligibility Rules
The actions or achievements that are to be rewarded must be made clear to both the employer and the employee in order to make it an easy going process.

・Don’t Design It as a Process
Try not to convert recognition program into a process that follows the selection of an employee by the manager as it may be seen by employees as a “managerial favoritisms” process in the long run. It should be kept as a motivating activity among the office.


Now, when the basics of employee recognizing program have been formulated, let us have a look at the ideas that are different from the usual stuff by which it can be incorporated:

・Use Social Media Platforms
The employer may make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and post a picture with an appreciating or thanking caption. This will make the employee happy and motivated.

Dedicate a Corner on Your Website to Employee Recognition
One may dedicate a little corner on the homepage of the website for recognizing the valuable employees. It can make employees feel good and motivate to work more.

・Personalized “thank you” note and a chance to choose from lot of freebee’s
Appreciating the employee by giving a personalized “thank you” note will make him feel good. He may be given a chance to select a freebie that includes gifts like a movie ticket, a dinner, shopping voucher etc. This will make him happy and keep other employees motivated to work more.


The perfect formula of recognizing the employees is to make it a little personal and timely. This will make them happy and satisfied and will attach them emotionally to the company further motivating them to work more. Always remember:

“Appreciation Goes a Long Way as a Motivator”

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