Work-Life Balance

By Benefit One USA, Inc. May 22, 2017


Work-life balance is defined as striking the right balance between work- life and personal life. It is a daily effort made to devote the right amount of time to work and family. It is the balance that lets a person enjoy achievements made throughout the day. This balance varies from person to person. It depends upon various factors like the type and amount of work a person is doing, whether married, unmarried, student, a parent and much more.


Is there any specific definition of work-life balance?
The answer to this question is NO. This is so because every individual has different Priorities, likings and necessities in life and the balance is set accordingly by every individual.


Why is it important to have a proper work-life balance?
“Work Is Life” But always remember, “You Have Only One Life to Live”
Everybody works to gain expertise, luxuries, and recognition in office. After achieving fame and goals, one needs time to enjoy achievements. And here comes the role of work-life balance. Having a balanced work-life allows a person to enjoy achievements with his own self and loved ones. Achievements and enjoyment are like two different sides of a coin. You can never enjoy fully anyone by ignoring the other.


How can you achieve work-life balance?
Achieving work-life balance depends majorly on the Employers and the HR Department of a company as they are the one’s who formulate policies, procedures, and targets to be achieved by an employee. Some of the ways by which you can help your employees achieve the same are

・Random Surveys to acknowledge employee needs
Random and continuous surveys in the company can be conducted in order to know their needs and help them achieve the right balance.

・Flexible time policies
Offering employees flexibility in working hours will definitely make them happy and satisfied. Happy employees keep the office environment optimistic and this increases their work engagement time.

・Hold Team-Building activities
Managers and HR can plan different team building activities like shared meals, field trips, movies etc. in order to increase employee’s engagement and make them happy.

・Allow unpaid leaves
Companies may include in their policy unpaid leaves for its employees in case of any urgency and unfortunate happenings. This will keep employees stress-free and let them manage personal life.

・Allow short-breaks throughout the day
As human brain cannot work sitting on a table and staring at the screen the whole day, one must understand the need to refresh the mind. HR can encourage employees to take short breaks and get freshen up.

・Offer Reimbursement in Physical Activity Classes
Studies have shown that an adult body requires minimum 30 minutes of exercise to stay fit and stress-free. Office Management may give a thought to reimburse 50% of its employee’s gym, yoga, swimming, and badminton etc. physical activity classes’ bill so that employees remain happy and satisfied. It is very important to help employees attain a proper work-life balance to enjoy their achievements and lead a happy life. This automatically increases their performance and benefits the company as well as the employee in personal. Moreover, the management must have their work lives balanced as they will be the role models while guiding other employees.

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