How Do Millennials Wants To Be Recognized?

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jun 01, 2017

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Millennials are the largest working secgion in U.S. There are about 53.5 million working Millennials in U.S. and this number is expected to grow as more job-seeking students will graduate from their respective colleges/universities. This group is often mislabeled as Lazy, conceited and most difficult to manage. Despite all of their famous rumored characteristics, most of the companies hire them and want to work with them owing to their commitment to the work.

Millennials are hard-working and committed to their work. They enjoy their work and keep the office environment happy as they are known to socialize in a great way. But once they start feeling bored, they are likely to leave the job and hunt for a new one. So, here we are sharing some of the tips to recognize them they thrive in your company for a longer period and help them personally enjoy and grow in their profession:

  • Provide Incentives
    Millennials are always keen on learning new things at work and their interest benefits their respective organization a lot. To recognize their success and keep them motivated, provide with the right tools i.e. incentives. This can keep them work longer with your company.
  • Regular Feedback
    Millennials want to be recognized more often and sooner to stay motivated to work. Regular feedback makes them feel more valuable and attached to the company. Receiving timely recognition by the management makes them happily learn from their mistakes and grow faster.
  • Appreciation
    Appreciating Millennials work motivates them the most. They like getting appreciated for their little achievements at the workplace. Regular appreciations by the managers or executives make them feel connected to the company and work more dedicatedly for the company. The frequency is the key. Companies may try to develop a culture wherein usage of appreciating words like “thanks”, “well-done”, daily greetings are a part of the daily life. Such tiny gestures of appreciation are liked by everybody and it further creates optimistic environment in the office.
  • Inclusion
    Millennials always want to be the part of the network that listens to their voice and respects them. Provide them with opportunities in which they can take the leadership and show their skills. It makes them feel as a valuable part of the company. Try to include them in discussion while planning out the strategy for achieving a set goal. This will give them the sense of recognition and motivation.
  • Personalized Rewards
    If you can’t afford big financial incentives then start with a simple Personalized reward that may include a note on his/her desk saying : “We recognizes and appreciate the amount of time and hard-work you are giving to this company. You are our valuable part” or something of this sort. This will make them more than happy and will keep them connected to your company.  somewhere along this line, verbal communication is very important and will show the importance of the long-term engagement.

Millennials always want to work in a happy environment, so try to create the office culture that encourages excitement, support and rewards among employees.



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