Best 30 Ways to Recognize Employees on Their Achievements

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 25, 2017

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A good leader knows the importance of having engaged and satisfied employees in the office. A company performs well only if its employees work dedicatedly. In the present scenario, where millennials constitute the major part of the employees, companies have started improving their ways of recognition of the stellar employees. 

Companies have also started looking for various creative ways to keep the employees engaged.

You may be looking for various ways to recognize your employees on achievements and that’s the reason you have landed on our blog. You have landed on the right page. We, at Benefit One USA constantly keep on looking out for various new ways in which the employee achievements can be recognized and appreciated. By the achievements we mean every kind of achievement an employee accomplishes whether personal, team or corporate.

Let’s check out some of the ways to make your employees feel happy and satisfied at the work-place:

  1. Ask your employees to vote for “Employee of the Month” and then have breakfast or lunch with the winner.
  2. Include the employee with the better performance in the important projects of the company.
  3. Book a surprise Lunch/ dinner date of the winning employee with his/ her family.
  4. Using point-based program which he/she can redeem as per the choice.
  5. Tack a “Thank You” note on the board of the employee. It will make him/her feel appreciated.
  6. Share the positive feedback with the employee if your client praises his/her work.
  7. Appreciate the winning employee’s hard work with all the employees when in a staff meeting.
  8. Send an email to all the employees appreciating and thanking for the good work that the winner employee has done to accomplish the goals.
  9. Give “an hour off” or “a day off” to the winning employee. In today’s time, it matters a lot.
  10. Surprise the winning employee with a little vacation if he/she does a fantastic work for your company.
  11. Hide a pack of chocolates in the desk of the winning employee.
  12. Contribute to the charity that your winning employee is associated with.
  13. Give the winner a “movie ticket” with a day off. Getting time to spend with dear ones will make him/her really happy.
  14. Celebrate the success by engraving the winning team’s names on glasses of the office.
  15. Appreciate the winning team in the newsletter of the company.
  16. Send the winning team on a lunch/ dinner date.
  17. Set a breakfast table especially for the winning team.
  18. Send the winning team on a short one day trip.
  19. Gift the winning team with polo t-shirts with the company name or their names mentioned on it.
  20. Give a bonus to the winning team or even if a single employee wins. This can be implemented on both team achievement as well as individual achievement.
  21. Decorate the desk of winning employee before his/her arrival.
  22. Allow the winning team or employee the flexibility to work from home as everybody wants to spend quality time with their families.
  23. Present the winning employee with “Free Car Parking” gift for a few months.
  24. Reimburse the winning employee’s Yoga or gym classes for some time.
  25. Hold a company party and invite the winning team as chief guests.
  26. A simple “Thank You” on the accomplishment of the set goal works wonder.
  27. You can gift your winning employee “Free Pick up & Drop Off” for at least 1 month.
  28. Gift your winning employee or team some insurance benefits.
  29. “Cash Rewards” can also be gifted to the stellar employees.
  30. Send the entire team on a “movie date”. This will allow them to know each other in a better way.

These are some of the interesting ways in which you can recognize your employees. Recognizing the employees is very important as it keeps them satisfied and increases the success rate of the company.

If you still find it difficult to achieve or are short of resources to implement this in your organization then just get connected with us. We have an ultimate solution for your problem.

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