Performance Incentives to Engage Employees

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 18, 2017

Performance Incentives

Employees are the working force of every organization irrespective whether it is a large scale organization or a small scale. The overall output of every company depends upon the company atmosphere and happiness of the employees. And, hence it becomes really important to keep them happy, motivated and optimistic.

According to Gallup Poll, only 30% of the employees are engaged in the office and are active during the working hours. This means that 70% of the employees are disengaged and this is really an alarming number. Time and now, organizations have come up with various new ways to engage the employees like recognizing the stellar employees, presenting top performers with cashless or cash rewards and much more.

Keeping the employees motivated and engaged is a daunting task for almost all the companies. Let us take a look at some of the incentives which can make the employees more happy and engaged in the office:

  • Regular Feedback
    Giving regular feedback to the employees may help them concentrating more towards the work. This will even make them clear that their performance is being tracked and hence may make them work more dedicatedly.
  • Unpaid Time Offs
    Every organization wants to have a happy & motivated work force and to achieve this, it is important to understand the needs of every employee as an individual. Helping them have a well-balanced work-life will ultimately benefit both the company as well as the employee.
  • Retirement Savings Plan
    All the individuals are worried about their financial security and savings in the present era. Companies may plan to provide this facility to their employees so that they feel financially secure and hence, work happily for the company.
  • Recognition & Rewards
    Appreciating a good performer is always the best idea to boost the morale of an employee. Every individual likes to be recognised and rewarded for the outstanding performance. So, recognizing the stellar employees and then appreciating their performances makes employees encouraged and motivated to work more. Most of the companies these days have implemented this in order to keep their employees happy and engaged.
  • Profit Sharing
    The companies can also plan to share a certain amount of profit with the team who has worked hard to achieve that needed project. By sharing profit with the employees makes them feel connected to the company. This may also motivate them to work with more dedication.
  • Training & Skill Development
    Providing training on various new topics to the employees and helping them understand the latest trends in technology make the employees feel as valued assets of the company. Keeping oneself updated is the priority of every individual & if a company provides its employees with this training then, this makes employees remain stick to the company.
  • Medical Insurance
    Medical insurance is very important for every individual and every working person saves his/ her money for it. If a company provides this insurance as a complimentary gift to its employees then, the employees feel secured for the future. This is a good way to keep the work force interested in their present companies and work taking interest in the work.
  • Company Parties
    Holding company parties and celebrating festivals with the colleagues provides a platform where all the employees can interact with each other. This is a way in which the employees get to know their companies more deeply and feel connected. This even makes them happy, fresh and motivated to work dedicatedly.

These are some of the ways following which a company can have their employees engaged and work more dedicatedly. These benefits can help a company to a great extent in motivating its employees and making them excited to work with the company. 

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