3 Communication Skills Every Great Must Possess

By Koichi Kato Aug 12, 2019


Good communication skills are valuable in your professional life as well as personal life. At the workplace, good communication skills of a leader result in increased productivity, output and morale of employees in general. A great leader is distinguished with how clearly he/ she interact with the employees.

According to the Harvard Business Review article, The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World two of the top six traits are communications skills.

Let’s take a look at some of the communication traits which the world’s famous leaders possess:

1. Successful leaders always try to be truthful and as transparent as possible with the employees

In an organization, it is natural that all the meetings do not have a positive outcome. There are some leadership mistakes, pending reorganizations and much more. On being asked by the employees about such situations, it has been seen that many leaders are not entirely transparent. Now, here is where the successful leaders lead and win the trust of the employees. Ideal leaders are candid in stressful situations too and attempt to be transparent with their employees. They inform the employees of the current situation. Even when they don’t have a solution to a problem, they tell their employees that they will figure out a solution with hope for their co-operation. This quality of leaders makes them stand out and shine as a successful leader.

2. They are good listeners

Another major characteristic of a great leader is good listening skills. These leaders pay attention to their employees have to say and pay attention to their problems, suggestions, and feedback. Successful leaders’ natural ability to actively listen, make others feel heard, respected and also help them in making better decisions. So, to be a good leader, it is important to practice to be a good listener.

3. They Communicate the Goals and Tasks Easily to the Employees

Clarity, consistency, conviction, and charisma in speech are the qualities of great leaders. Great leaders provide clear directions to their fellow employees regarding any task or a new goal to be achieved. This may sound simple, but clear communication is a characteristic which many leaders lack and create confusion. But, great leaders are always clear with the information to be provided to the employees and the right way to communicate the same.

Communication at the workplace is the key to success and great leaders know this. When there is proper communication among all the employees, there is positivity in the company. When the employees get clear directions from the leader, the companies definitely grow and achieve their set goals.

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