30 Amazing Rewards Ideas that Keep the Employees Happy & Engaged

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Nov 06, 2018


When it comes to motivating the employees and increasing engagement, then “Rewards” are one of the best options that have worked in bringing success in the companies. Rewards are a powerful tool for motivating employees. The key for successful employee rewards is being creative, unique and on-time.

Recognition makes people feel really good about them and motivate to word more dedicatedly. So, let’s take a look at some of the interesting ways to reward the employees and make them feel good:

1. Hand-written “Thank You” card

2. Lunch with the boss

3. VIP parking spots

4. Healthy snacks

5. Impromptu time-off

6. Work from home for a day

7. Donation to the charity of the winner employee choice

8. Paid vacations

9. Dinner sponsored by the boss

10. Shopping spree with the team members

11. Scratch off cards

12. Health club membership

13. Movie tickets

14. Wall of fame

15. Netflix subscription

16. Bring your dog day in the office

17. Spa day

18. Casual dress day

19. Half day Fridays

20. Pizza party

21. Day off pass

22. Concert shout out

23. The employee of the month

24. Random gifts

25. Company apparels

26. LinkedIn Recommendations

27. Ticket for art shows

28. Pay one month’s phone bill

29. Paintball outing

30. Share in company stock

These were some of the new and interesting ideas that can be used to reward the stellar employees in the company. Point-based rewards too can be used to appreciate the achievements of the employee, keeping the whole rewarding process a hassle-free one.

Try to implement these ideas in your office and experience the enthusiast and motivated work-force in the office.

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