6 Excellent Ways to Motivate Employees In the New Year: 2019

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jan 21, 2019

blackboard-board-chalk-21696With the arrival of 2019, most of us are making resolutions and looking ahead to growing and improving at both personal and professional levels. The new year is a perfect time for companies and organizations to motivate their employees to work dedicatedly.

Having a great first week of the new year at work carries a high potential for the employees to get engaged with the organization. So, below are a few quick tips that can help you motivate your employees for the rest of the year:

Have a Strategic Vision While Setting Goals

While assigning new goals to the teams or individual employees, it is essential to do it with a strategic vision. This means, if you want to earn more profit, expand your business or make new deals, you have to make sure that the goal also includes specific employee requirements. These includes considering the needs of your employees related to development, growth and appreciation for their efforts.

Conduct Proper Employee Training Programs

The growth of each employee contributes towards the company’s overall progress. Moreover, motivated employees are consistently seeking for opportunities for career development. Therefore self-development is very significant in the industry. Efficient training programs will inspire your employees to strive harder to deliver their best possible and help the company achieve its goals.

Let Employees to Participate in Important Decisions

Gone are those days when employees were satisfied following their manager’s directions. Instead, modern employees i.e. the millennials like to take initiative in strategy formulation and decision-making process. Therefore it is important as an employer or a manager to consider the presence and views of their employees in the decision-making process. If possible, they should conduct meetings and provide employees a platform to share their opinions and ideas. This way the team members will feel heard and appreciated which will motivate them further.

Discussion on Employee Appraisals

Discussion on employee appraisals is very essential, as it gives the manager a chance to review employee performance. This helps managers identify the top-performing employees and reward them accordingly with a special bonus or raise. Employees too tend to feel appreciated and recognized for the hard work which boosts employee engagement.

Create a Framework for Sharing Intelligence

Different employees come with different skill sets and special talents. As a leader or manager, you should initiate a formal meeting, a scheduled huddle, a weekly breakfast or lunch, where employees get an opportunity to address their peers with a small video or a presentation about the work and/or work environment inspiring them. This initiative is not just an effective team-building exercise but also allows your team members to learn other skills with the help of their own peers.

Include Sports and Physical Activities 

Lastly, it can be a good idea to include a few physical activities and sports, such as Yoga programs, aerobic dance, indoor physical training and team sports to motivate employees for the new year. Involvement in physical activities assures proper blood circulation and tends to energize people for the entire day. For instance, you may host annual game tournaments for employees at the local office/division office level to bring a huge part of your workforce together with simple and easy activities.

These activities also serve refresh and recharge the employees and motivate them to work dedicatedly for the company.

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