7 Interesting Ways to Reward Employees

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jul 23, 2018

You all must have implemented new and innovative reward programs in your company in the year 2017. And, the possibilities are that you all might have been successful too. But the real challenge is how to be consistent in coming out with new and interesting ideas to keep the work-force highly motivated.

The trend of rewarding the employees has changed every year and in the year 2018, most of the companies are opting for technology-enabled platforms to reward and recognize the employees. The recognition has to be made on every level: peer-to-peer, senior-to-junior and junior-to-senior. It has become imperative to reward and incentivize the employees time and now in order to keep them engaged and motivated.

Now, without wasting much time, let us see some of the interesting ways by which you can reward your employees in the year 2018:

  • Work from outside the office
    “Change is always better”. There are some days on which a person feels lazy and on some days on which a person just want to sit at a favorite place and work from there. So, allowing the employees on some days of the month to work from their favorite place is a good idea to keep them happy and engaged.
    You can even get a voting done by the employees and select one common place outside the office, where the whole team can go, relax and work. It will make the work more enjoyable.
  • Allowing dogs at the work-place
    Dogs make every place a happening one. And, it is very likely that many of your employees would be having their own dogs and nothing will make them happier than letting their dogs to accompany them in the office too. Having dogs at the work-place will keep other employees motivated, happy and stress-free as well. Run a check with each of the employees if they are okay in sharing their work-place with these super cute dogs.
  • LinkedIn Recommendation
    Back in 2017, social media recognition proved to be a very effective way of appreciating the efforts of the employees. And among all the social media channels, LinkedIn came out to be the most effective channel. So, using LinkedIn to its maximum, it would be a wonderful idea if the deserving employees are given glowing recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles. This will have a deep and long-lasting effect on your employees and will keep them motivated.

  • Free online courses
  • In this highly competitive time where technology and trend changes every minute, every person needs to stay up-to-date. And, you can help them in the same by rewarding them with a free subscription of an online course of the employee’s field. This will save their money plus will polish their skills with the latest trend going on in your field of work.

  • Free skin care subscription boxes
    These subscription boxes are very famous among people all over the world. Everybody is quite keen about their looks. So, rewarding the stellar employees with such subscription box is really an exciting idea to motivate the employees to work more dedicatedly and such interesting rewards.

  • Happy Breaks
    By happy breaks, we mean to take the whole team out for an hour or two during the office timings somewhere outside to office to enjoy and know each other a bit more. It should be relaxing and fun-filled time for every employee.
  • Meditation Breaks
    Meditation is something which has infinite benefits. So, taking out a few minutes and letting everyone meditate for a few minutes will keep your employees healthy, stress-free and more focused. This will in return keep the office atmosphere optimistic, motivating and happy.

Rewarding the employees for their good work is obviously a requirement these days. Millennials get distracted and bored very easily so, it is very important to come up with new ideas timely to encourage them for performing well, boost their morale, retain talent and have a good office environment.

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