A Day of Super Bosses, October 16: Happy Boss Day

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 16, 2018


The lovely month of October comes with crisp days and beautiful trees turning golden. The pumpkin month brings with it a special day to appreciate the leadership and guidance of the leaders with whom we work and i.e. 16th day of October. October 16 is celebrated as The Boss Day every year throughout the U.S. to give due regards to the bosses.

Boss Day is not only about appreciating the boss’ role and receiving gifts but showing the appreciation back to the employees and meeting their expectations.

The relationship between the boss and the employees are very special and should be celebrated every day throughout the year and not only on National Boss Day or Employee Appreciation Day.

How can employees appreciate their boss on the National Boss Day?

Thinking about the benefits you have gained from your boss or manager and the lessons you learned from them, take a few minutes from your schedule to appreciate their leadership.

You can plan a group gift, a personal hand-written note, a group party, flowers, handmade food or cookies or a simple appreciating and greeting message on the social media platform for your boss. All these gestures of appreciation will work wonders. Your little efforts will definitely bring a smile on the face of your boss or manager.

Tips for the Boss to show thanks back to the employees

As we mentioned earlier that a boss and employee relationship needs to be fostered regularly and in an attempt to do the same, it is very important to recognize and appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of the stellar employees.

Recognizing the achievements of the employees and rewarding them for the same is a great way to thank them back and cement your position as a good boss within the organization. Being a boss you can even discuss the things that are working well for the company and the ones which you plan to make changes in so that the employees can succeed.

Thanking the employees for their support and asking them for feedback is another amazing way to connect with the employees emotionally and meaningfully enjoy the National Boss Day.

Once again, A Happy Boss’s Day!

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