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By Benefit One USA, Inc. Sep 27, 2017
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It is a dream of every company to retain its partners for a longer period of time. Every company wants that their existing customers should keep using the services and even buys their new services. 

The reason may vary from company to company but the way to retain the channel partners is and will always remain the same and that is by introducing “Channel Incentives”.

Have you ever gifted your existing partners some incentives? The answer is yes in most of the cases and for some whose answer is “no”, this method is known as Channel Incentive. It is a very important and effective way to grow the business.

Channel Incentives can be quite tricky to formulate and implement in the company. It requires a good planning with the clear vision of what to achieve. But, once everything is defined, the benefits are really awesome. Channel Incentives have a very positive impact on the business of every company. Some of the main benefits of Channel Incentives are:

  • Develops customer loyalty
    Channel Incentives involves rewarding existing customers with some kind of gifts or informing them personally before the launch of a new scheme or offer. When customers or channel partners feel that they are given special attention and are well taken care of then, without any doubt they become loyal to your Brand. And, this helps you to have a loyal customer database which is a dream of many companies.

  • Builds Brand trust
    When a company has a loyal customer database then the best thing that happens to a company is the trust for Brand that develops among the target audience. This is very important for every company to develop the trust in the relative market for expansion of services. Once, the customers are happy they will always recommend your services to others as well. And, hence you will be able to build trust for your Brand within the audience.

  • Expansion of services
    When your present customer database is happy and satisfied with a company’s products or services then, it increases the chances of growth of your company at a good rate. A satisfied customer always promotes the used services within their social groups. This creates Brand loyalty and Brand trust among people and hence increases the chances of them buying your products. This results in the increase in the business which eventually leads to the expansion of the business.

Therefore, it becomes really important to introduce Channel Incentives within every organisation. This only brings profit for a business and no loss.

Planning and strategising this concept requires a lot of hard work. This should be framed paying attention to customer care. If you are still confused or are running short of time to bring this incentive into force, then let us do the same for you.

Benefit One USA has developed “Point Based” software that manages all the HR related activities for your company. All the employees of a company are connected to each other via our software. The employees can be rewarded with the “points” based on their performances which can be redeemed whenever the employee wants. The employees have 3000 choices to redeem the points he or she has earned over a certain period of time. Many companies have benefited from our software as it is user-friendly and with a very clear and impartial protocol to be followed.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let us help you to grow your business while you pay your undivided attention towards your business.

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