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Importance of Feedback in the Workplace

Feedback is the information shared with a fellow colleague or a group or organization about their performance related to a task or a group of tasks. It...

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Fun Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged at the Work  (Part-2)

Continuing the list of fun ways to increase employee engagement at the work-place, we have another list that will help you to engage employee at work...

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Interesting Ways to Appreciate the Hard-work of the Pharmacy Employees

Pharmacy organizations know the vital role their staff members play in bringing success to the organization. They are the first ones to greet all the...

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Amazing Tips to Increase Employee Engagement during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most awaited and delightful time of the year. It is the time of celebration, shopping, family dinners, parties, movies, and...

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Fun Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged at the Work (Part-1)

Maximum employees in every company tend to easily lose interest in their work and need constant motivation to stay engaged at the office. Keeping the...

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A Day of Super Bosses, October 16: Happy Boss Day

The lovely month of October comes with crisp days and beautiful trees turning golden. The pumpkin month brings with it a special day to appreciate the...

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Best 5 Proven Ways to Boost the Productivity of Employees at Workplace

It’s vital for every company to have a highly motivated, productive and active workforce. Employees these days are spending a great amount of time at...

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Benefits of Real-Time Employee Recognition

Every employee wants his or her work to be reco gnized f or th eir efforts. For an employee, one of the most important questions can be as to how is...
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