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How HR Software can be of Great Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We all know that COVID-19 has brought irreversible damage to mankind, and businesses are struggling really hard to operate and manage their functions...

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Tips for Adjusting to the “New Normal” Work Place

The year 2020 began with business as usual for most organizations. Companies had big plans not just for the year but for the new decade too. However...

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Tips for Recruiting Remote Workers

Tech companies are leading the way in making the transition to remote working. Companies such as Twitter and Square are even talking about providing...

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How to Recognize Your Frontline Employees and Show Appreciation

During the coronavirus crisis, due to the nature of their work, many organizations have been unable to go entirely remote. Their employees have had to...

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Best Practices for Employee Recognition Programs


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The HR Department Post COVID-19

As the past few months have seen COVID-19 spread across the entire world, many organizations have transitioned to an entirely remote workforce. Lives...

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