Best 5 Proven Ways to Boost the Productivity of Employees at Workplace

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 15, 2018


It’s vital for every company to have a highly motivated, productive and active workforce. Employees these days are spending a great amount of time at their offices exceeding the 40 hour limit of every week but still, there’s no guarantee of increased efficiency of them.

Having a team of employees who love their work and are super productive for the company is a dream of every organization and every manager typically wonder about the ways of achieving it. So, here we have listed some ways which are proven to boost the productivity of the employees:

1. Focus on Recruitment & Chose the Best Cultural fit
The recruitment process is a very crucial step that decides the future of a company. The recruiter must select the candidate smartly by knowing about his/ her choices and interests and analyzing whether the candidate will be able to adopt the company’s core cultural values.

Focusing on the best cultural fit will not only save the time and money down the line but will also motivate other employees already working with the company.

2. Focus on Effective and Clear Communication

“Communication is the new key to success”

Every manager is well-aware of the fact that without an effective two-way communication, businesses fail. So, managers should particularly focus on communicating clear expectations and responsibilities to the employees in order to keep them engaged and motivated. With the advancements in technology, we all are able to communicate with just a few clicks and complete advantage of current ways of communication should be taken. Social networking tools like Slack etc. are a very good medium to communicate in with the employees.

Another thing to be considered is that communication should be fruitful and not a waste of time. According to the CRM Learning article posts, only 5% of the time is spent on discussing the future possibilities and solutions to a problem and 80% of the time is spent rehashing the past problems. So, it must focus that communication should be made to discuss the present situation or future possibilities.

3. Train the Employees to Improve Employee Skills
Training plays a crucial role in ensuring the productivity of the employees once they are recruited in the company. It sounds good to cut down all the training sessions and save time and directly assign the new employee with the tasks.

But, this saving backfires in the long run and it is highly advisable that a good time is invested in teaching them the necessary skills required to complete the tasks.

4. Embrace Remote Work
Remote work is something which is enjoyed a lot by the Millennials and surprisingly different studies have proved that the employees who work from home are more productive, log in for longer hours and in general are more engaged at work.

A study by Gallup reports that the number of employees working from home has drastically increased to 43% from 39% from the year 2012-2016. Remote working also reduces the number of sick leaves and overall absenteeism in the companies. So, embracing remote working has definite benefits for the company and you should not delay in doing the same.

5. Give Rewards and Incentives
Rewards and incentives have always worked wonders when given at the right time and in the right way. It is one of the best ways to encourage and motivate the employees to work more dedicatedly. The employees should be appreciated for the job well done by taking into account individual needs or preferences.

There are endless ways that can be implemented in a company to boost the productivity of the employees but the above-mentioned 5 points are tried in many organizations and now, is the turn for you to implement the same and see the positive changes among the work-force within your organization.

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