Changing Role of HR Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Nov 02, 2018


Recruiting new employees, facilitating, monitoring and enforcing employee compliance in a company are a few of the major roles of the HR department. The Pharmaceutical industry has gained a great momentum in recent years and because of this, the role of every department has also changed.

The role of HR Manager in this industry has also changed a lot with the time. With the maximum Millennial working in the company, the job becomes more challenging. So, let’s take a look at the responsibilities HR manager has to take care off for providing a better work atmosphere to the employees:

· Proper standardization of the job descriptions
Creation and maintenance of the job descriptions are very important for the HR department. Unlike old times, it is very important that the HR department develop a proper framework for categorizing job descriptions and mapping legacy job descriptions to the new framework. It makes the whole process of recruitment easier and consistent and reduces workforce complexity.

· Establishing a properly monitored report process
As many cases of disputes or of other issues come up within the industry these days, it becomes really important for the HR department to develop a monitoring and reporting process for all the investigations and disciplinary actions taken to solve those cases. This can be even done by collaborating with the compliance team so that nothing important is left out.

· Promotion of disciplinary equality
This is generally the role of the Compliance department but it can be done with more efficiency by collaborating with the HR department. HR, Compliance and legal teams should collaboratively devise the company’s disciplinary policies and ensure all the corrective measures are appropriately applied regardless of any partiality or the grade of the employee.


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