Effect of Disengaged Employees on the Organization

By Koichi Kato Jun 06, 2019

diengaged employees



Employees are the pillar of every organization, and hence, it is crucial for every organization to keep them satisfied and motivated. But, unfortunately having a highly engaged team of employees is very difficult for the organizations to achieve. Studies have shown that millennials get bored very quickly with the regular work and this makes them disengaged. Disengaged employees negatively affect the organization in many ways. Let’s discuss some of the effects which disengaged employees bring:

• Productivity

It is self-evident that the employees who are not engaged at work spend less time working and more time taking breaks, chatting with colleagues, surfing the Internet and much more. This lack of engagement results in the loss of overall productivity of the company. Disengagement also results in an increased number of sick leaves among the employees.


• Employee Retention

An organization invests money and time in training their employees and would not want them to leave the company soon. But, disengaged employees don’t give a second thought when switching companies. So, this is another significant effect of disengaged employees in the organization.


• Customer Service

The impact of disengaged employees is huge on the customers. Such employees don’t address the customer concerns with patience and don’t provide proper information regarding the products and services offered by the company. This results in reduced customer satisfaction and loyalty which further results in a decrease in the number of customers. And, this is a significant impact of disengaged employees for an organization.


• Overall Profit

It is very important for the companies to have overall profit and disengaged employees bring in an overall loss to the company. These employees are not dedicated to their work and result in loss of customer loyalty and employee retention bringing loss in every way to the company.

Knowing the losses disengaged employees bring for the company, it is important for the HR department of the company to focus on boosting employee engagement in the organization. Stay tuned to our blogs for interesting tips on how to engage your disengaged employees.

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