Fun Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged at the Work  (Part-2)

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 29, 2018


Continuing the list of fun ways to increase employee engagement at the work-place, we have another list that will help you to engage employee at work while being easy on company’s pocket.

So, all you position holders let’s begin to know these fun ways:

1. Implement wellness program in the organization
Successful organizations have carefully crafted and executed wellness programs in their organizations to reduce the stress of the employees. A good wellness program does not only increase the overall profit but also reduces the turnover rate.

2. Celebrate personal achievements
On achievement of a personal monthly or quarterly goal, the success of the employee should be celebrated along with all the employees. Even if the employee has done something good outside the work, have got married, become proud parent etc. moment should be celebrated with the staff.

3. Promote the culture of appreciation among the employees
Appreciation and recognition of the employees should not be limited to only the managers, even the colleagues should thank, appreciate or congratulate the employees on their accomplishments. This will create a happy and positive environment in the company.

4. Take regular feedback via surveys
Feedback through surveys is the easiest way in which the employees can honestly mention how they feel while working with the company and what changes they want to make within the company. This will let you easily track and measure the employee engagement.

5. Hold office hours
To work as a team, the foremost thing for the upper management is to have free time during the office hours for interacting with the employees. You can get to address difficulties faced by the employees, give and take feedbacks and even explore new ideas. It will develop a regular communication channel with the employees.

The tips mentioned above are really interesting and easy on the company budget. Try and implement the same within your organization and see the change for yourself.

Stay tuned with our blogs for more such tips and tricks.

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