Fun Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged at the Work (Part-1)

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 19, 2018

adult-agency-american-1437544Maximum employees in every company tend to easily lose interest in their work and need constant motivation to stay engaged at the office. Keeping the employee engaged at the work-place has become one of the daunting tasks for the HR team and most probably you too are sailing in the same boat as you’ve landed on our page.

Don’t worry! We have jotted down a list of interesting, fun-filled and pocket-friendly ideas to keep your precious employee motivated and engaged. Let’s take a look at it:

1. Assign a buddy alias mentor for new employees
Every newcomer has a ton of queries to be answered and is generally hesitant to directly ask the manager. Assigning an experienced mentor to help the new employee will help him or her to better adapt and grow as a part of the organization.

2. Encourage teams to set their own values for a limited time
Let the teams inside the organization 2-3 pre-agreed set of values or ground rules to abide by for a week or so and then, select the winner as the person who stuck to those rules for the maximum time. This activity will increase the overall productivity and engagement of the employees in a fun way.

3. Offer healthier food to the employees
It is found that maximum employees want healthier food to be offered at the office cafeterias but sadly, only 10% of the employees offer it. Snacking on healthy food items will make employees healthy, active, happy and engaged. Not only this, but it will also reduce the rate of absenteeism.

4. Organize theme days in the office
Having an open mind for organizing such fun work days will definitely improve the engagement of the employees during working hours. You can have different themes like “Peace” where everybody is supposed to wear white clothes and many other interesting themes.

5. Having one day as a “Pet Day”
Allowing the employees to bring their pets to the office on a particular day every week is a wonderful way to reduce the stress of the employees and to increase their engagement in the work.

6. Recognize the achievers
Recognition is still one of the most effective ways to make the employees feel valued but only when done on time. So, make it a rule in the company to recognize every achievement of the employees to let them know how valuable they are for the company. You can even let the automatic HR software take control of this so that you have time saved for other urgent and important work.

These were just a few ways to increase employee-engagement from our list to help you out. Stay tuned to our blogs to know other fun ways to motivate and engage the employees.

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